The Art & the Artist



This site showcases the visual art and writings of Spadecaller, 

his soulful visions of nature, wildlife, and humankind.

The Art & The Artist


Spadecaller (Matt Schwartz) is the pseudonym, the artist uses for his visual art, writing, poetry, and video creations. Initially, the name, Spadecaller, came about by his direct approach on subjects that focus on vital issues that impact humanity. Spadecaller believes that the art and the artist should be intimately and honestly connected. Without a connection between the art and the artist, a picture is nothing more than an object. “To imbue soul in my art, I need to revere love, or even hate the subject.” Spadecaller is known to call a spade a spade.

In addition to exhibiting his reverence for nature, his writings and artwork spotlight issues that profoundly shape our world today. According to Spadecaller, "true artists should never bow to trend or the demands forced upon them by politics and ideology. The idea that artists need to hide from the world to create beauty is repugnant to me. Truth is beauty, even when it is sad or disturbing. We live in an intrusive society; and must wake up to this fact or fall victim to its control."


"In a desperate and blind world, it is art that restores our vision".                                                                                                              -Spadecaller


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