Seabirds & Seashores

Beautiful Digital paintings of Seabirds Soaring over the Seas

Terns in the Sun by Spadecaller


To A Seabird

Sauntering hither on listless wings,
Careless vagabond of the sea,
Little thou heedest the surf that sings,
The bar that thunders, the shale that rings, -
Give me to keep thy company.

Little thou hast, old friend, that’s new;
Storms and wrecks are old things to thee;
Sick am I of these changes, too;
Little to care for, little to rue, -
I on the shore, and thou on the sea.

All of thy wanderings, far and near,
Bring thee at last to shore and me;
All of my journeyings end them here:
This our tether must be our cheer, -
I on the shore, and thou on the sea.

Lazily rocking on ocean's breast,
Something in common, old friend, have we:
Thou on the shingle seek'st thy nest,
I to the waters look for rest, -
I on the shore, and thou on the sea. 

A Poem by

Francis Bret Harte (1869)

Terns in the Sun


The arctic tern is endowed with great perseverance. Even though it is small, it is able to accomplish the remarkable feat of migrating over 22,000 miles (35,000 km) each year. The distance that it migrates is the longest of any bird. The Arctic tern sees more sunlight each year than any other animal, as they experience a 'second summer' by travelling south in winter.

Digital Painting

Spadecaller Digital Art of Seabirds Soaring over the Seas.

Spadecaller Photographic digital artwork of Tampa Bay pelicans

Fine Art Prints of Seashores and Seabirds

Brown Pelicans

 These amazing birds that soar gracefully over the warm Florida waters look prehistoric. Fact is: they date back 30 million years! And they are still frequenting inland and coastal waters feeding mostly on fish that they catch at or near the water surface. Pelicans are gregarious birds, and often hunt cooperatively. They love to steal live bait from the netters and pilfer the booty from fisherman on the shoreline.Though they can sometimes be mischievous, their presence brings beauty and grace. Hopefully, conservation and wildlife enthusiasts will protect them from pollution and oils spills that threaten their continued survival.  

Digital Photo Art

                       By Spadecaller

"Pelicans of Tampa Bay " is the photographic digital art of Spadecaller.

Spadecaller painting of white American Pelicans soaring above the California Pacific seashore

American White Pelicans

With a 9-foot wingspan, the majestic American White Pelican is one of North America's largest birds. On broad white and black wings, the bird soars with amazing steadiness and grace. Their huge, heavy bills and large heads make them appear like exotic prehistoric creatures from the ancient past. To scoop up fish like oversized dabbling ducks, they dip their pouched bills into the water. Groups of pelicans sometimes work together to herd fish into the shallows for easy feeding. See them on inland lakes in summer and near coastlines in winter.  This species is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. It has the California Department of Fish and Game protective status (CSC). 

American White Pelicans is a Spadecaller digital painting and composite.  

Cliffs of Davenport

A Spadecaller print of seabirds and cliffs above the Pacific Ocean in California.

Fine Art Prints of Seashores and Seabirds

Davenport, California is noted for its spectacular cliffs 

and bluffs above the Pacific Ocean. This is Spadecaller’s vision 

of the cliffs and the seabirds that inhabit them.